Passionate about cryptanalysis



Ruhr University Bochum

PhD in Cryptanalysis

Thesis title: Memory-Efficient Algorithms for Solving Subset Sum and Related Problems with Cryptanalytic Applications / Supervisor: Prof. Alexander May


Ruhr University Bochum

Master of Science

IT Security, with highest honors (valedictorian)


FOM – University of Applied Science

Bachelor of Science

Business Informatics, with highest honors (valedictorian)


2022 – Current

Technology Innovation Institute

Lead Researcher – Public Key Cryptanalysis

2020 – 2022

Technology Innovation Institute

Senior Cryptanalyst

Public key cryptanalysis, mostly code-based, but basically everything that is post-quantum. Classical and quantum as well as theoretical and practical attacks. Supervision of PhD students of partnering universities

2016 – 2020

Ruhr University Bochum

Research Assistant

Research on algorithmic cryptanalysis. Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses. Teaching and supervision of seminars.

Grants and Funding


Program Committee Member

INDOCRYPT 2022, PQCifris 2022, CBCrypto23 (pc and general chair), INDOCRYPT 2023, EUROCRYPT 2024


CRYPTO 2018, ICISC 2018, NutMiC 2019, CRYPTO 2021, SODA 2021, Eurocrypt 2021, PKC 2022, Asiacrypt 2022, PKC 2023, Eurocrypt 2023, Crypto 2023, Asiacrypt 2023


2022: TCS, IEICE Trans., IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, ACM TQC
2023: IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory